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W&OD Trail Patrol

W&OD Trail Patrol

The Trail Patrol is the most visible project of the FoWOD, drawing its membership from every group of Trail users. Any responsible adult of any age and ability who uses the trail (no matter the number of wheels) is welcome to become a member of FoWOD’s Trail Patrol. Even a small contribution of your flexibly arranged time will be helpful, and the experience should be both rewarding and fun. Trail Patrol members are not required to be members of the Friends of the W&OD, but if you’d like to join, click here: FoWOD

The three basic responsibilities of a patrol member are:

  • To promote safe use of the Trail
  • To provide information about the Park to the public
  • To assist Park users when help is needed

Volunteers should be willing to commit four hours each month, May through September, to the Patrol’s on-going effort to keep the W&OD Park safe, maintained, and a cherished resource in our region. We also have special opportunities for Trail Patrol members to table at trail events and we even meet up for happy hours! If you are interested, we’d like to hear from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Trail Patrol

What does a trail patroller do?

The volunteers who patrol the W&OD Trail are the eyes and ears for trail management. They observe the condition of the trail and report problems to trail staff. They assist trail users with information about the trail, directions, and, if able, mechanical breakdowns. Riding the trail is their joy and they give back to the trail by sharing best practices and trail rules with walkers, runners, and vehicle users.

How many hours do you have to patrol?

The suggested hours for trail patrollers are, during the busy season, 4 hours/month from May through September. Patrolling October through April provides a bonus presence on the trail.

Is there a particular section, day of the week, or hour of the day you have to patrol?

This unique patrol relies on many volunteers riding the trail whenever it’s convenient to them and the trail is open. It is at the patroller’s schedule to satisfy the 4 hours/month from May through September.

Do you have to bike to be in the W&OD Trail Patrol?

No, walkers or horse riders or electric-vehicle, scooter, or skateboard users can join the patrol. The requirement is being a helpful person. If you greet people on the trail, are willing to help in an emergency, and enjoy using the trail, you are a perfect patrol candidate. 

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